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black: paris camoflague

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

what i’m wearing: pretty little thing black blazer, lace bodysuit, basic black jersey flaresgold choker body chain & black pointed strappy heels


what i’m wearing: pretty little thing black blazer, white deep plunge bodysuit, black extreme distressed jeans & black pointed strappy heels


what i’m wearing: pretty little thing black blazer,
white plunge bodysuit
& black culottes

I’m going to make a sweeping, somewhat aggressive claim here; bright colours are best worn by flowers. I don’t like them on anything that possesses limbs. My wardrobe operates within a very specific colour tone: from earth shades to grey; always black and perhaps a few dusty pinks along the way. I refuse colour in my home too, every so often it comes knocking via a tempting fuchsia armchair or a curious bright blue marble top but ultimately, they get turned down. At almost 30, bright colours have no place in my life, even red lipstick feels ridiculous most of the time. Between wrinkles establishing their place on my face and an undeniable slowing metabolism, the only positive side to getting older is the maturity, the independence and the bigger brains that come with being a GROWN UP WOMAN. So I embrace that but with it? I abandoned colour. Perhaps  it is a rebellion against Barcelona, a city so lacking in style and so full of too many terrible colour choices. So naturally when planning my PFW uniform, an abundance of black was inevitable. The shade is essentially camouflage in this city and I love that. And with that said, voila; here are my first three, head-to-toe Pretty Little Thing fashion week ensembles. Entirely monochrome;  in a sea of street style mavens trying to stand out, I faithfully aim for the opposite. I’d like to blend in. I don’t like Vogue ( you know why) and certainly don’t want one of their aggressive photographers taking an over-exposed picture of myself I’ll hate. But then again, it’s unlikely to happen whatever I wear because I’m about as cool as a sock, which is not cool at all. Until next time ladies, I have so much Paris content to share, including part 2 of my PLT outfits, which all come under the theme of ‘earth tones’ – my favourite colour palette, you know that.


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