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out & about in paris with reiss

Sunday, October 9, 2016


MORNING: 9 am, just after rush hour yet too early for the students and unemployed to crawl out for coffee, I claim the entire terrace as my own. It’s that crisp sort of sunny cold. I spend 16 euros on cafe cremes, order a grapefruit juice as an afterthought and resist the croissants. I check my emails but mostly find myself on instagram. I take a selfie because I’m wearing the chicest hat I’ve ever seen and the world should see it too.




AFTERNOON: Technically, late morning but the street was loud and it woke me up at dawn, so the hours stretch slow. After an my arduous dose of cafe-caffeinating, (sigh…life is hard) – I come home to a sofa collapse and a shoe switch, a duo of activities I indulge in quite frequently, and not just in the comfort of my own home.  Any sofa will do, or any padded chair for that matter. I contemplate changing my ensemble entirely only to recall the hat I adore a top my head. I make do with a brush through my hair, a dramatic flip for the sake of the camera, ofcourse and finally, a new coat of lipstick.




AFTER LUNCH: A salad, not of the kale variety, only in France does a salad constitue more cheese than vegetables. An indulgence disguised as a light lunch,  I order the Chevre, which is goat’s cheese on toast underneath a modest layer of mache leaves. Delicious, not so nutritious. Followed by a jaunt and skip down my favourite bridge in Paris; Bir Hakeim. I love my suit, the unusual terracotta pink shade with the camel fedora. Jenna Lyons, you inspired me, thank you.




EVENING: A cosy sweater, quiet evening light and a glass of wine see me through to nightfall. I’ll call my boyfriend, my parents and there will be emails too. This is an every evening rota. I prefer to sit on the floor, but will switch between the sofa too.  Spontaneous dinner plans see me hastily grabbing my bag to fly down to the Marais to meet Haleigh, where we laugh over noodles until past midnight.



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