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uggs are all that fit right now

Saturday, November 12, 2016

what i’m wearing: chicwish white off shoulder sweater, zara frayed hem
skinny jeans, vintage oversized brown fedora, louis vuitton speedy bag
& ugg new classic mini ii in chocolate

Uggs, to me are the shoe equivalent of sweatpants – heavenly in comfort and worn on a heavier rota than you’d expect. Or maybe not, if you watch my snapchat, you will know I favour comfort over almost anything most days. Which is, essentially a glamorous way of admitting I’m usually a frump, seriously the hairstyles you see here and on instagram are by no means an accurate representation of it usually looks like. I have the messiest, most disastrous hair in the world.  But to quote Regina George, Uggs are all that will fit right now. I mean it, you should see my feet. Torn up, cut and bleeding from too much treadmill pounding. I have no idea how my feet managed to withstand such a pounding unnoticed – I’d say their enormous size might mean they are stronger than the typical dainty lady foot. But it wasn’t until the bleeding stained my socks did I realize how damaged they really are. Sounds painful, I know. If I’m brutally honest? I’m quietly proud of the pain; it’s a stamp ; physical proof of how hard I’ve been working. I’m rather masochistic like that but then again, I’d say most of us gym-rats are. I know women prefer the cuter name of ‘gym-bunny’ but I am nowhere near adorable when it comes to exercise, meaning my resemblance is more rodent-like than rabbit. Oh well, I’ll take it. In addition, I’ll take a pair of Uggs in every colour too as I have no intention of quitting. I’m still running everyday. Last night I hobbled, almost fell and winced out of the gym. In my experience it is best to avoid growing too ‘Ugg accustomed‘ – where comfort is concerned, they are unconquerable. Slipping one’s soles into Uggs is like stepping into those creamy clouds I stare at longingly from any airplane window.  Like a hug or playing with a puppy but in shoe form.  In fact, perhaps Uggs are the Danish shoe form of Hygge. I promise I will stop referencing that word, I am just so captivated by it’s many meanings, mostly because I bought a book about it, which I’ve been fervently reading. And finally if you, like me,  cannot resist the most comfortable, cloud-esque shoes, I participated in an influencer collective alongside Ugg. It’s a visual plethora for styling inspiration featuring many of my favourite bloggers and their take on the brand’s new classic style. You can take a look here.


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