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my annual new year's eve masquerade

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
2017, a year i am especially excited to celebrate

This is the 3rd year, I’ve dreamed up a masquerade themed soiree of sorts, well a soiree via screen, for the sake of my favourite party all year: New Year’s Eve, which officially establishes this as perhaps my only Frassy tradition. As a woman consistently lost I cherish the solace a new chapter brings, especially in the form of a grand 365 days. Now for reasons I will later more personally explain, my mask comes as emotionally thematic this time round, it’s been a tough, rough month and shedding all that feels slightly more possible under the ornate guise of a Venetian inspired mask. The year to come, 2017 is one I have accumulated such hope for, in many ways, from saving money, silently whiling away emotional, yearning hours, sketching mental plans for my move to a new country, my love life too tumbled off an edge, left suspended until next year. I didn’t ask Santa for anything this Christmas but I am asking 2017 for just about everything, which is by the way, nothing one could buy in a store. But without further ado, here’s to the new year here ahead and this year’s masquerade ensemble.

what i’m wearing: little black dress liz lace halterback midi dress

Another semi-tradition of note I must mention is the very regal brand named Little Black Dress, who for the second year running have indulged my masquerade whims in celebration of New Year’s Eve. They are a personal partywear staple, and I don’t say this lightly, I faithfully find myself lost in the formal side of the fashion world, usually left wondering why the dress doesn’t look the way it did on the model online. But Little Black Dress are a classic, really their dresses are unexpected yet sophisticated, tailored to fit the most ample breasted to the tiniest of derrieres. If you are looking for something fancy that won’t bankrupt you, I’d say go forth and browse. Masquerade theme, is obviously optional but fiercefully recommended. Masks are just such fun and just the sort of extravagant accesory only really appropriate for an event as energetic as New Year’s Eve. On a final note, please don’t lounge on the couch this year, I urge you to do something glittery, absolutely ridiculous, painfully fancy – whatever you please, but please do make it a special night.


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