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a novo love

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

a novo love

Well, I don’t have many secrets as a woman, perhaps none at all, I am absolutely an oversharer, and that is perhaps why blogging comes second nature to me . Share my life on daily basis? Yes, WHY NOT. I talk to my Mom on the phone at least three times a day, my friends and I exchange whatsapps with urgency about nothing urgent at all, so spilling the not so thrilling progressions of my day is indeed an endeavour I excel in. And so, one of my absolute non-secrets is my love for Novo London, I have been wearing their latest collection all over town and all over my instagram – I don’t obsess over clothes very often, typically I save my hyper enthusiasm for books and dogs, but this brand is one I truly adore. I will refrain from gushing about the clothes and how good they make me feel, personally I think they speak for themselves.

what i’m wearing: novo london nicole white jumpsuit, novo london
reese top & pants, novo london elizabeth pleated jacket dress

I especially love showcasing brands like Novo because they haven’t yet been scooped up by the instagram frenzy, I am sure they will eventually and I’ll be happy for their success but it’s always lovely to wear a different brand, one that 200 other influencers aren’t yet #obsessed with. And with a growing annoyance towards the likes of Inditex, Asos and the sinking feeling that arrives everytime I see pieces I once loved favoured over and over again by influencers, I really want to explore more of the smaller, independent online brands and hopefully share them with you along the way.  I fear we as bloggers are all morphing into one. It seems we mostly  eat acai bowls with sweaty feet in furry loafers tucked under marble top tables. Other insta-favourites would undeniably be matcha, flared sleeves (guilty, as charged), the gucci belt, avocado (honestly it’s been around forever but our fervour for it would be enough to convince an alien we had just discovered this fruit)… We as fashion bloggers are homogenizing and I’m not criticizing but including myself in this industry collective, I do after all love an acai bowl and I definitely don’t find the furry loafers as terrible as I once did, instagram brainwashed me into that shoe-acceptance… I just hope I can resist a little. I will confess it is a challenge, but back when I started Frassy, I wore mostly finds from charity shops, I never want to lose sight of that. It is certainly more difficult as a professional blogger, but I do vow to try harder. I haven’t photographed an acai bowl or bought even a dupe version of the loafers, that counts for something, right? Probably not, but hey, a girl can hope…


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