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a trio of summer dresses

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Oh summer, she’s magic isn’t she? Between my influx of freckles and these sunsets that stretch into more impressive palettes every night, it’s safe to say I am absolutely breathless, obnoxiously energetic about this season. You already know this. I cannot keep quiet about my sheer love for this weather and these days, that for some inexplicable reason feel brimming with possibility. Even if nothing extraordinary happens, which is how most days conclude, the potential is always there, sewn into the thick, balmy air, spurring me on silently towards whatever waits ahead. My trips to other parts of Spain commence soon enough too, I plan to spend as much as time as professionally possible on the islands that dot the shores of the country. Ibiza, Gran Canaria, should someone invite me to Mallorca, which I sincerely hope they do, I’ll happily skip over there too. Summer is indeed the season of travel, however I never feel compelled to go more than an hour plane ride away, simply because this season, in my opinion is best enjoyed here in Spain. But don’t listen to me, I am heavily biased and it’s likely that the temperatures here hazed the little reasonable perception I possess, precisely why I’m determined to not walk into any commitments with men. I can only hope it was the same heat that blurred me into dating my ex-boyfriend last season, because doesn’t every man look better in the summer? As soon as the charm of June through August drain away into September, they all begin to look the same, and as the steamy season fades, I too, tend to saunter off too, finding warmth instead in the discovery of a new autumnal coat. How heartless, and yet how honest of me. SO, until I can find a man impressive enough to make me stay, I suppose we should focus on clothes, no? It’s certainly more my forte. It was such fun to style this trio of favourites from Little Mistress’ new summer collection, you’ve seen sly peeks on Instagram, so I am excited to show you them in full, in all their pleasing, warm weather glory.

what i’m wearing: little mistress white kaftan dress, little mistress white
floral print midi dress,
& little mistress blue tassel dress


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