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about town in lasula

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I’m always wearing Lasula, I love the brand. A couple weeks ago, I attended an event where an artist was live painting, I was so enamoured by her artwork that I accidentally stained my white flared Lasula trousers with streaks of blue acrylic. They wouldn’t come out despite stain removal, 2 rigourous washes, and a hand-scrubbing, and so because I wear them all the time, I re-bought a second pair using my own discount code. I could very well be the only blogger to use their own discount code by so be it, I couldn’t go without those white trousers. If you are curious, they are these white trousers and this is my discount code: ‘audrey24’… and so without further ado, here are some of Lasula’s summer latest that I’ve been bouncing around the city in. I say bouncing, but it’s definitely a much more lethargic movement than that because the heat has officially seeped in and we are all mostly darting around lifelessly  in hopes of finally being beneath the air-con again. Dresses are just about all I can manage to cover my body in without a waterfall of sweat, and these three are solid favourites this month.

what i’m wearing: lasula white bardot gypsy maxi dress, lasula blue
denim knot sleeve curved hem dress
& lasula white frill shirt dress

use my code: audrey24 for any & every lasula purchase


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