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Friday, July 28, 2017

Well, here we, July is dissolving into August and I cannot quite believe it. I spent all winter yearning for summer, it always irritates me how swift this season runs it’s course and yet the colder months faithfully feel interminable. But it’s not over yet,  there 5 words have developed into a mantra of sorts for me, consoling my despair that summer will indeed end. BUT NOT YET. There are 4  weeks left and I plan to make the most of them. Pangs of melancholy hit me when I see bloggers sharing the beginnings of their ‘transitional wardrobes’ and don’t even get me started on the retail stores. Coats, already? Really? Nope, no thank you. IT IS STILL SUMMER. So,  with that said, I thought I’d share another rota of Lasula pieces I’ve been bouncing around the city in. The spring in my step is more of a leap, because tomorrow I go to Ibiza, my favourite place in the entire world. And yes, I will be packing some of these pieces in my suitcase. No coats or transitional dressing from me for a good while; another reason why I adore Lasula, their new arrivals are still seasonally relevant. Because really who wants to spend this month’s paycheck on clothes they can’t wear right now? Not I, absolutely not. Getting dressed shouldn’t be planned so far in advance. It removes the fun, the spontaneity…. or perhaps my inability to think ahead is simply the refusal to believe that summer will ever end. Probably, perhaps. What is a coat? In this 30 degree heat, I don’t even know.

what i’m wearing: lasula’s latest collection, shoppable here

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