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white in ibiza

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ibiza. You know, you already know, it’s my favourite place on earth. Everytime I go, I swoon and fall harder in love. I will live on the island one day. I promise you that. For now, I’m grateful it’s but a quick dash through the sky from Barcelona. 1 hour and I’m back in this magical place that has everything from the calm to the crazy, the land of floaty white dresses, crystal clean seas, cava sangria and a historical prerogative to simply let go, let live and have the kind of fun that energizes you months after it’s happened. This island is always an adventure and the best times, both the serene and the hysterical simply don’t make it into pixel format. I’m grateful for that, some memories are best kept alive solely in our minds. A photo seems too rigid for such a fluid, hazy environment like Ibiza. As a lover of both the beach and electronic music, the kind that vibrates right through you, Ibiza will always be special to me, because where else has both in such energetic abundance? You might say Mykonos, but I don’t speak Greek, so Ibiza, being part of my beloved Spain is the place for me. Can you marry a place? If I could, I would. The ring could easily be fashioned from a seashell and one of those light up Ushuaia bracelets. I’d wear that piece of jewellery with pride. SO, until this island love of mine proposes, I thought I’d share some of the white ensembles I wore. And Ibiza, I’m coming back for you soon enough, I’m 10 days of work away. I miss you, I miss you more than I’ve missed any man all year.

what i’m wearing: primark white dresses, primark bardot
white top & boyfriend jeans, primark heeled sandals


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