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black velvet, faux fur & a red cup

Thursday, December 8, 2016

what i’m wearing: primark camel coat, primark black collared blouse
body, primark black velvet pencil skirt, primark faux fur stole &
primark velvet heeled sandals

Oh, the red cup, it’s cliched but charming, annoying but cute and I know you probably agree. Truth be told, I really slipped into the Starbucks by this cathedral because I knew the cup would match my lipstick and wouldn’t that look lovely for the photos? I wore this ensemble for a jaunt through Barcelona’s Christmas market, which to my dismay offered nothing coated in cinnamon or chocolate. There wasn’t even any mulled wine, another reason for the red cup. When I leave the house, my main objective pivots around gulping a liquid of some sort. And don’t ask if my feet were cold in these velvet sandals, they weren’t, the weather here is delicously mild. I still see tourists in shorts. Followed by the Christmas market was a splurge on ridiculously priced gift wrap, I spend money on the silliest of things….followed by an early evening rendez-vous with the two friends I finally made, they read books and sip vermut but also are quite happy to discuss Gilmore Girls. They are golden in a city of tarnished, angry souls. I haven’t known them long but I am happy to confess that I adore them. And then I briskly scampered home, by which point it had turned chilly, so I pulled this faux fur stole tightly around me and sighed as the streets went by, because finally and so soon, it’s Christmas and I get to return to the comfort and cosiness of my family home.


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