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Friday, December 19, 2014


officially my new favourite colour, camel and coffee tones to match

final edit11

what im wearing: boohoo hollie coat, boohoo longsleeve split tee, ag denim boyfriend jeans, aspinal of london leather diary, zero uv sunglasses, own the runway fedora & toms paseo lace up plimsolls

final edit12

Mooching around a pretty square that matches my outfit. I would love to claim that it was spontaneous- but I came across this square and instantly thought of this outfit and how lovely they would look together, so I went back and took these photographs. I spend a lot of time on the photographs that I share here on Frassy, I started off with a cheap snapshot camera and a pretty depressing student housing back garden and since then, I’ve invested time and money into learning how to take the sorts of photographs I always wanted. I taught myself, slowly but surely over the years – I guess it all started when I convinced my Dad to pay for an extortinate photoshop summer class at London College of Fashion back when I was a student at Durham.

Since then, it became an obsession, this desire to capture things perfectly – and by perfectly, I mean the ideal light, a backdrop that compliments the outfit and that magic that happens when everything comes together just right in a photo. I was lucky to have the streets of Paris on my doorstep – as well as some truly talented photographer friends who have advised me along the way, and still do to this day. I’ve spent hours, frustrated, even crying – shooting the same outfit multiple times, unhappy with the lack of what I wanted in a photo. And what I strive for in a photo? It’s hard to explain but when it happens, you just know. Any of the girls I’ve hired through the years to help me would easily confess how I agonize over the quality – you see, not just any backdrop will work, it has to be the right one – and the lighting, it has to work with what I am wearing – and this struggle to pull everything together to form a set of photographs I deem good enough to put online, well it’s my weakest spot when it comes to Frassy. My achilles heel of blogging, I can pitch myself to brands, I can sit in front of the computer and ramble on in a half eloquent way, but this obsession with the quality of my photographs, it kills me girls! I’ve never had a photographer boyfriend and so often I would feel envious of the bloggers that did – how easy it seemed for them.

They could slip on their outfit, twirl around on the streets and their talented men would do the rest. And while I am pretty nifty with my canon mark ii now, I still have so much to learn about photography and I am always learning, just this week I have been shivering out on the streets, trying desperately to shoot artsy night time photos that aren’t too dark, not too yellow but that perfect golden hue that I enjoy most about winter nights. Let’s just say there was a lot of coffee and swearing involved, trying to capture something new, something differently – and pouring time into photographs that you aren’t happy with is beyond disheartening. I went to bed so many times this week, vowing to give up on these night time shots, wallowing in the time that I felt I had wasted in trying. But it is all a process, photography and I have a long way to go, but we are getting there, together we are getting somewhere. Teaching myself was the best thing I did, because through learning, I found a love – and through that love, I became even more determined to learn, to study and improve – and it’s that drive that has given me the photography work I do now, not just for Frassy but for brands and people alike. I get to work freelance as a photographer and while I might not always feel qualified to do so, I love that I can and I feel lucky that I get to do something I love to make rent every month. And I might not have a photographer boyfriend, maybe I will one day, maybe I won’t, but who cares? I can do it myself, I can do it all myself –  and you can too!


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