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a jewellery journal: all my pearls

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

featuring my pearl earrings – my classic favourite, one big & one small twisted one way or another


Optimized-6 (8)

featuring the right angle pearls – like a music note or cherries… or so I like to think



featuring the pyramid pearls – juxtaposed, barely there yet still, demanding to be seen


Optimized-7 (3)

featuring the fancy pearls – one on your earlobe and the other, hanging softly



featuring the classic pearl duo – bigger with a flat bottom pearl. traditional but not quite



featuring the oh darling pearls – unexpected and utterly ornamental


Pearls, oh how I love them – but not the oh so standard pair – I enjoy all these unusual takes on the classic pearl earring. Dangling, doubled, tiny triangles…flat or round, a big one next to a small one….You probably recognize all these from my Frassy shop, I brought my favourites with Paris to me- and they sat on my ears as I delved into whatever the day ahead demanded. There was coffee, hair flips, sneak peeks at my lips in the mirror….and some dramatic posing, as always, I suppose. It was raining too, slowly and softly – but we took shelter under the pillars at Palais Royal and warmed up over cafe cremes. It was fun to shoot something personal to me – a group of earrings I collected and sourced – usually I am shooting photos for brands, but this time it was all for me. I hope to do more of this as my tiny shops grows. A tiny shop filled with tiny earrings – as you know I am quite the fan of delicate jewellery. I long ago shed my penchant for anything bold and gold. That all seems far too complicated now – in the mornings I can barely muster the energy for makeup let alone an intricate ritual of fastening chains and complicated clasps. Simplicity – I strive for this in all sides of life. And that is why I like these earrings, that is why they so rarely sit in my jewellery box because I am almost wearing a pair or they are sitting on my nightstand as I take them out hurriedly before sleep. They blend well with any outfit, look lovely with hair scraped back or swaying down messy…with a blazer or sneakers. I have even worn a pair of mine with pyjamas – which sounds far more fabulous than it was. But I finally found a group of earrings I like – I so rarely see jewellery I’d want to buy – it all feels so overly opulent to me. But these are subtle and quite graceful, it’s nice to have something so refined hanging from my ears, important even – because between my two ears lies a very loud mouth and down below, 2 hands so clumsy I swear they are actually slippery. And if you must know, it was lipstick all over my teeth that prompted those mirror shots above – and those hair flicks? Behind those three photos reels dozens where my hair, in an overzealous movement took on the shape of big floppy dog ears. Discrete, I am not but hey, these pearls, I promise they keep me polished…or so I have to hope.

i should mention and give thanks to all of you who have already bought a pair for yourself. i sincerely cherish the support, all the money i make on my frassy shop is going towards funding the book I am writing. should you wish to purchase, all pairs are affordable and yours to keep for less than a starbucks coffee. you can buy one pair at a time or the entire collection for a happier price. and you can do all this over on my shop.  and as always, please share your pearl photos with me – I have loved seeing them thus far – you are all beautiful. i love you.


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