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my nude lip

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


My preferred lip colour is nude, you already know I’m an advocate of a natural makeup look. I cannot find the energy for anything too complicated, plus I severely lack the skill to attempt anything dramatic. Genuinely, even eyeliner is usually a struggle for me. However, as so many of you ask about my lipsticks, I thought I’d share the nudes I buy time and time again and how I apply them to achieve natural but fuller looking lips. It took me a long time to find colours I truly like, nude is a difficult shade, in that they usually are too light or too dark. So, I don’t recommend these products lightly, in fact, quite the opposite – these nudes are quite simply amazing. I’ve suggested these shades to quite a few of my friends and after purchasing themselves, they too are as enthusiastic about them as I am. Also, I should add here, that this isn’t sponsored, just genuine, old-school blogger love.


My all time, will always buy these and no others ever ever ever favourites are the following: Mac Honeylove Matte Lipstick & Spice Lipliner as well as Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink Matte Lipstick & Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Lipliner. I’ve found these nudes suit my skin all year round, from winter pale to summer tan and all the seasonal in-betweens. Also, if you are lighter or darker skinned than I am, I would still recommend them to you – as my friends of all skin tones also swear by these colours – they are incredibly versatile. I always prefer a matte shade to anything shiny, a shiny nude looks strange to me – additionally, I rely heavily on lipliner to fill out my lips, and this works best with a matte. Anything too glossy will reflect light onto the  lipliner in a way that will make it look fake. Natural is always best.


lip liner:

I learnt how to do this via the best, Desi Perkins, she is the only beauty you-tuber I will watch. I’ll use  lip liner to fill out my lips, but only sparingly. A little goes a long way. To ‘plump’ my lips, I’ll only go over my natural lip line at my cupid’s bow and teardrop, which are the top and bottom parts of the lip area. (To help, take a look at this diagram) Every other area should be drawn on exactly at your natural line. I might also add a little concealer to my cupid’s brow, as sometimes this area can look dark and needs a little lightening.



I will then, simply cover the entire lip area with lipstick and then blot on a tissue once. I know some women prefer to apply lipstick within the drawn on lipliner line, but I prefer to cover it almost entirely. It tends to suit me better – while still giving my lips more shape, as well as providing a deeper colour.



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