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in love with solace london

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

it’s nothing personal, it’s everything personal

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Perhaps you remember I made a vow to allow space here for the lesser known brands of the incredible sphere called the internet? I’ve been doing quite well, I’d say. There was Clotho from Greece, Fafalu from Thailand and today, Solace London – a brand I stumbled in love with during a 3 am pinterest session in bed. Truth is there are so many crazily creative people doing stuff that awes me online. This is why I will always think the internet is incredible. There is a lot of bullshit online too, but I prefer to celebrate the community the internet so often can be. As for the creatives of the world, the internet has truly become a powerful canvas for their work – and you already know I think that is amazing. While I cannot speak for other bloggers or even the industry as a whole; the brands I work with, they are chosen on a personal level. This is also why a lot of the same brands appear here on a rota, our work becomes a relationship. One that extends past a single sponsored post but always, faithfully clothes I genuinely love. For those of you that read my sometimes beauty content, I tend to feature the same handful of brands, purely because these are the ones actually in the makeup drawer of my bathroom. Now, perhaps it is uncouth to talk about work and I know a lot of you believe money spoilt blogging. In a lot of ways, maybe you are right but I have no shame in saying that this website generates money. Money that allows me Biba and I to eat and pay for the roof over our heads. Money that allows me to sit here and writes all sorts of things in hopes to inspire you . Money that permits me to dedicate 5 days a week to this blog. And I am comfortable admitting this because I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a long time, years and years went by before it actually spun itself into my job. I prefer to be authentic about things, and ironically, as my insights here have grown more honest, I have felt more sheltered. Confident in that I can speak my mind here online in a way I never thought would be possible. And so when I tell you, that yes, I am paid, I don’t fear a negative response, in fact most of you are genuinely happy for me in the same way a good friend would be. How lovely, I am infinitely grateful – I won’t lie though I do often wonder, why of all the humans, are you interested in me? Perhaps because we are quite similar, just women trying to do stuff in a very weird world. Or perhaps because I’m foolish in ways other bloggers are not, voicing whatever the hell comes to mind while wearing outfits that switch in style as swiftly as the wind. But, I should also emphasize that not all I produce here is sponsored, especially the words I write, they always come from a place unmotivated by money. I am lucky enough to be in a position where I can turn down work that wouldn’t fit well within the content I share and I do it all the time. Mostly because I cherish us, both me and you. Together we are a family here and I’m never going to tell you about something I genuinely don’t like no matter how much someone would be willing to pay. It’s just not worth it. Sure, I could be more calculated about my little blogging business and certainly that would be more profitable but to do that would be to ruin what Frassy is. I will never forget how important you are to what I do. And so here I am, in an outfit I saw and knew I had to wear, not for money, I am not being paid by this wonderful brand. I just really really really like the outfit. This blog of mine, it’s a story, one that has now seen 8 years of chapters, I cannot promise all will always be positive but I guarantee it will always come from me, a personal unfolding of sorts. The clothes, the words and whatever else, it’s mine , regardless of money or popularity etc.  It will forever be from me for you.


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