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life with withings

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Optimized-country life18

trialling the new withings pop watch

a device built to track activity – perfect for the chaos my life usually is

Optimized-country life21 (1)

i synced my watch with an app called health mate

an addictive source of data i didn’t know i wanted to know


it’s now my gym watch too

conveniently matches most of sportswear but also a great reference for the marathon i am
currently training for. being water resistant, it tracks my laps in the pool too

Optimized-country life25

running errands, life as a pedestrian

i don’t own a car, dislike public transport so i use my feet to get everywhere. every movement
my body makes is tracked by my watch, leaving an impressive set of steps walked everyday.

Optimized-country life24

a soft alarm

I usually set myself at least an hour a day for reading, I’ll time this but hate to have my iphone near as it distracts me.
This watch will softly vibrate on my wrist when my book time is up, it’s a much gentler reminder for me to get my butt back to work.

I hate to harp on, but I’m busy. I’ve always been busy, since I was a little kid. My very first memory consists of me fervently stuffing envelopes with blank paper and scribbling ‘addresses’ on them – this was before I knew how to read/write, so my ‘mail’ was directed who knows where. My favourite present ever was the desk I got when I was 5, drawers filled with things like files, stapler, pens and all sorts. I called it my office. When my parents would call me down to dinner I’d exclaim I had a lot of office work and they’d just have to hold on a minute. At 5 it seemed I dreamed of a stressful career. So, you see even when I have no reason to be, I’ve always been very busy. My dad has always marvelled at how busy I have faithfully managed to stay, projects scattered like dust throughout my life and I’ve always swept them into completion with a speed I must say, I’m proud of. Those childhood years were like formative caffeine collecting in my bones and this level of energy has always stayed with me. My energy is infinite, or so I swear it feels. I work all day and those hours tick way past the standard 48. After that, I hit the gym and before bed, I’m editing or typing away in preparation for the morning. So when Withings got in touch about a watch made to track activity, I was curious. Curious because there is so much activity in my typical day and I wanted to see what this little device could do. I synced mine to the Health Mate app and set out to track everything it promised, from my sleeping rhythms, to the laps in the pool (I’ve recently started alternating swimming with running after one too many treadmill pounding injuries) to the steps I’ve walked and even the calories I’ve burned. Now, the data this watch delivers is the sort of information that once you have access to, becomes addictive. Whenever I’m on the tired side, I’ll look into my sleeping rhythms, usually finding that my body didn’t hit deep sleep for long enough. As for steps walked, my stats usually have me reaching for another handful of dark chocolate. I don’t have a car and prefer to avoid public transport, so I walk everywhere meaning I happily gobble a little extra after seeing the calories I burn up just getting places. How amazing, an excuse to eat more. Thank you little pink watch, thank you. If I had to summarize an opinion into one sentence; the watch is incredibly practical – it requires no charging either, with a battery life of 8 entire months. I can only hope this advancement in technology means the next iphone will be capable of power for more than the 3 hours my current 6 plus offers. Until then, I’ll happily use my Withings Pop to check the time when my iphone dies, because it always dies. Always.


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