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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Optimized-10 things that took me 26 years to learn23

a collection of photos from here and there and everywhere around my apartment

for more of my home, see my instagram gallery #frassyhome where i have been posting weekly for many, many months




Optimized-10 things that took me 26 years to learn22



Optimized-10 things that took me 26 years to learn20


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For the next installment in the interior chapter I have since coined ‘frassyhome’, I thought I’d share some photos from here and there and everywhere around my apartment. With south facing windows and many white walls, my little home is rather photogenic, a goal of mine I suppose I am slowly achieving. To have a pretty home is one of my life’s biggest joys and surely a great, quiet solace that I should emphasize in an eloquent way except the words stray to nothing but I ADORE THE CORNERS I LIVE IN. So, here are a few. Snapped over the first few weeks of this year, while waiting for the kettle to boil or running to fetch my camera after I’ve rearranged things in a pretty way on a table or shelf. It always felt an intimate thing to share the space I exist in, between these walls is where  I eat, sleep, cry, wander from shower to closet naked, yell on the phone and wonder about men or books or both. However at 27, it is the more intimate components of our existence that feel most compelling to me, and so, on that note, here’s a whole lot of my most sacred, private place. Now, I wanted this to be a gallery of photos to inspire you rather than a ‘buy this table and these candles RIGHT NOW” sort of post. I wanted the photographs to be soft and inviting and representative of the sunlight that typically pours through the windows. I wanted you girls to see all that, I hope you see this as me sharing ‘my happy place’ rather an interiors shopping guide. Because really it doesn’t matter how much marble you buy or how many rose gold baskets you collect from H&M, what a pretty home really needs is soul. The walls we live between seek character and the inhabitants’ personality will brighten up a home in a far more beautiful way than any Oliver Bonas lamp ever could. And so in the same way I share my wardrobe, here are some of my walls. I deliberately sprinkled myself all over this apartment, it is mine in a way I hope these photos can convey.


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