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brutal august heat

Monday, August 1, 2016

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what i’m wearing: primark rust button up blouse, primark tapestry skirt, primark sunglasses, necklaces & espadrilles


Oh the heat, it’s an almost sort of inferno this time of year. It’s scurrying across the street to the shady side, it’s slipping away into the aircon between the hours of 2 and 5pm, it’s  icy cold showers and defeated, limp hair under the humidity. It’s sweat patches that are too big and too frequent for deodorant to cure. It’s the sound of a fan whizzing away under my loud music as I work. It’s wondering if Biba’s paws hurt under the sidewalks that feel as hot as a stove. It’s when a scarf or a pair of jeans are absolutely unfathomable because everything feels like fire and it’s relentless. I’ve even caught myself wishing the sun away, just for one cloudy day so we could all cool off. August is always brutally hot and the month is upon us. Usually, it’s a quiet time for me, work comes to a pause and the days linger on a little lazy and lethargic. But not this year. Tomorrow, I’m bouncing over to Hamburg for a really big project, the brand will then follow me back to Barcelona two weeks later and we will be filming here right up until the day before my 10 day getaway to Greece. And between that? A lot of stories to document here. Honestly, I have no idea how I’ll stay motivated in this maddening heat. Summer is my favourite season and while vacation feels inescapable living in Spain, I’ve not taken any time off since my weekend in Ibiza. So, on that note, I’m gearing up for the last stretch of hard work before I can finally relax in Athen, Santorini and beyond. I’m so excited.


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