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Monday, August 15, 2016

A beauty guru, I am absolutely not. I don’t know how to contour, I’m not one for owning 8 similar lipstick shades and to me, strobing sounds like something an alien would do. Really, I don’t spend much money on makeup. I favour the more expensive brands but I buy few products. I don’t wear eye shadow or eyeliner. I don’t own a palette of any kind. I have but a few makeup brushes. I don’t much enjoy the application of makeup so I keep my routine as boringly basic as possible. Now, you all probably know that my favourite brands are Mac, Bobbi Brown and Nars – and I’ve stayed suprisingly faithful to their products, with the exception of the most amazing Makeup Forever Concealer, which I will tell you about later. It’s now been a few years since I stopped buying my makeup at the supermarket, I finally found my mini collection of quality, hero products and thought, why not share them with you all? This comes to you completely not sponsored but also, completely clueless. It took me 27 years to learn how to correctly apply concealer, I know nothing about makeup but I do know that these  products make me look way prettier every morning. And perhaps that is worth sharing, I don’t know; at times I feel like such a farce divulging my beauty routine because it doesn’t feel like a routine but rather, haphazardly dabbing my skin with a brush while I drink too much coffee. I don’t even have a vanity, I do my makeup in the same way I’ve always done it, barefoot & cross legged on the floor.



During the day, I tend to skip it, I’ll opt instead for the Nars’ Laguna Liquid Bronzer, which is just the most beautiful colour and it slips onto the skin like silk. I love it. For night time, special occasions or photoshoots, I use the Mac Mineralize Foundation in NC44 – I’ve rebought this 3 times now and I promise, I will never buy another alternative. It’s light but the coverage is as insane as the blur tool on facetune – amazingly smoothing but not heavy.


I suffer from terrible eye bags and shadows, I never sleep enough, ever so, obviously concealer is a great friend to me. My essential  two are the (Y41) & the Mac Mineralize Concealer (NC45) – these babies are heavy duty, thick and deliciously capable of covering even my latest nights. I couldn’t live without them, I usually apply a little of both to each eye area and blend. They make me look younger and more awake when really, everyday I feel more tired and older. As for Mascara, not pictured here because I’ve shared these with you on snapchat and instagram many times, are the Mac duo that work like magic for me; Mac Extended Play Gigablack Lash & Mac False Lashes Extreme Black.  I have terribly stubby eyelashes so I prefer the more powerful mascaras. These don’t clump at all, yet lace my lashes with incredible volume, which really open my tiny eyes up.


I don’t like blush and I don’t understand contouring, but I do adore bronzer. As a girl that feels more confident and prettier with a tan,  bronzer is pivotal component of my makeup bag. My absolute favourites are the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Sun Power & the Bobbi Brown All Over Bronzing Gel. Believe me when I tell you, these are the best, they are even better than Benefit’s Hoola, I promise. They are superior because they actually make your skin look sunkissed rather than orange or dirty brown. They make me glow.


They confuse me, there are so many and they all seem so expensive.  I use a beauty blender for my eyes, not pictured here. Apart from that, I have 3 brushes I use on repeat: The Artis Oval Brush, which is beautiful for foundation. It applies any liquid makeup so lightly and perfectly. This brush is a pricey one but really, absolutely worth the money. I also use the Bronzer & Face Blender brushes by Bobbi Brown, simple but effective tools and I’ve had both of these brushes for years now.


I have a weakness for the Mac matte collection of lipsticks, I never wear anything glossy on my lips ever and the brand really have the best subtle shades that don’t shine. You already know, I adore them. My essentials are Taupe, Honeylove & Chilli – which are two nudes and a dark rich red. Their Spice lipliner is my saviour, I’ve rebought this one at least 6 times since I first discovered it years ago. I also love their Studio Chromagraphic Pencil to enhance the shape of my lips, its essentially a multi-use concealer/highligher pencil – I also often, use it on my eyes as a way of brightening them up.



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