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a rooftop oasis at el palauet

Thursday, March 23, 2017

what i’m wearing: outline london carnaby dress, h&m flared dark denim
jeans, asos cateye suglasses & public desire embroidered black mules

Barcelona is rooftop queen, an oasis of in the sky terraces, as a summer lover, there is no architectural design I adore more. And exploring them is exhilirating;  best saved for dusk on a weekend night… heels tottering into the elevator with a friend in tow, both thirsty for an icy clink and a view. Walking  into an open space closer to the clouds; it’s an escape. And the view, a good one is defined by it’s ability to not let go, in that you can’t stop looking up and all around at it. Don’t you agree? This city is incredibly dense, we live crammed onto what often feels like a short hill that sharply slopes to the sea. And so perhaps the abundance of rooftops developed from a claustrophobia that even the beach cannot ease, Barceloneta in the summer is tourist mania and not really a spot the locals go for a swim. And so for the evenings when a train to the Costa Brava, (the coast outside of the city filled with tiny towns and quieter, local favoured beaches) isn’t feasible, la terazza, as they say in Spanish,  is  certainly the place to be. Even my gym has a rooftop worthy of a magazine editorial, they are everywhere and most of them feel like walking onto a movie-set. Now obviously, I have explored a fair few, but this one has to be one of the most stunning, out of shot includes a sauna and heated pool. You already know of my cacti-enthusiasm so needless to say I was thrilled with the entire garden of them. So where is this, you might ask? Well, let me tell you. This sanctuary sits atop a charming boutique hotel called El Palauet Living, home to five suites that are blanketed in that white sophisticated design that simultaneously evokes a calm but an awe too because everything is so perfectly pristine. It is really is such a special spot and I did indeed feel special ringing their doorbell and being allowed free reign of the premises for my photography whims, which were many, ofcourse. But priorities, the rooftop and this evening gown dressed denim down came first. The sporadic collection of other dramatic photos and equally stunning spots will feature all over instagram soon enough but until then, meet me here on this rooftop, tomorrow, Friday, 7 pm? And if you can’t make our date, I do hope you might consider staying here whenever you do come visit me, El Palauet surely beats my meagre sofabed…


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