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my hair journey with schwarzkopf professional

Monday, March 27, 2017

a hair recovery i wholeheartedly recommend

Last year saw me with the longest and most wonderful locks I’ve had since I chopped them into a bob back in 2014. So many of you marveled back then; ‘wow your hair, it’s grown incredibly’. It did. But then came my obsession with balayage and forever being blonder.  And with it, my hair suffered. Being a woman, it made me sad. Funny how heavily our hair influences how we feel about ourselves. I tried all kinds of treatments, throwing my credit card around optimistically at Sephora. But I had no success, my hair stayed sad and so did I. Not that you could tell because I styled the hell out of it, also, unfortunately increasing the damage I kept putting it through. So when Schwarkopf Professional approached me about their new Bonacure Fibre Force Hair Therapy, I was undeniably interested. To begin, I was given the full Bond Connector ervice at the salon, followed by a few months of using the treatment with deligence. Which brings us to today,  I am happy to share my hair restoration. Now, I am always skeptical of treatments that make seemingly bold promises, but as you can see here, the difference between beforehand and afterwards is rather impressive. Keep in mind, my hair in the after photo was not styled, simply air dried. Bonacure Fibre Force Hair Therapy promises to return even the most eroded hair to its optimal level of force and resilience. There is a scientific development behind the formula; the inner hair structure is strengthened by replacing missing bonds. It essentially builds your hair back up to what it was, pre-damage. It’s a complete system, including Shampoo, Conditioner and  a Fortifier, which if used religiously works like a religion.

the video campaign

Furthermore, alongside Schwarzkopf I filmed a video advertorial which offers insight into my daily life but also, all the ways I damaged my hair so horribly this summer and how I essentially with the help of a hilarious hairdresser named Gary and the Boncaure Hair Therapy healed my locks back to life.  Narrated by yours truly, this was such a fun project to collaborate on, and you can see how given my favourite summer activities, which include a lot of chlorine, sand, sun and sea… I will happily rely on the Bonacure Fibre Force Hair Therapy to avoid the hay that became my hair. My brand manager Marta, my little brother Brendon, who helps me with my photography and even Biba also make a cameo in the video.


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