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the green dress

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thank goodness for the Spanish winter that makes tights optional rather than obligatory. I don’t like hosiery much unless it’s a sexy thigh high sock but even those I could easily surrender. I peeped into the Wolford boutique here in Barcelona and was shocked at the prices, the pair showcased in the window were 75 euros. Sorry what? No thanks, if absolutely required I’ll go to Primark for mine, those lovely packs for 3 euros? Yes, those are the best tights. Speaking of, my whole ensemble is from Primark, which means yes, even the students amongst us here can afford it. Believe me, I remember how lovely Primark was when I was studying, the evenings when I had 100 pounds to last all month but was going out that night and required something new to wear with change leftover for whatever hideous alcohol I drank back then. Primark is still lovely and in a sea of Zara clones, the brand is superior in value for money BUT ALSO diminished likelihood of spotting a girl across the street in the same thing. . If I see one more tartan blazer a la Inditex, I might scream. Did every female on earth buy the EXACT SAME ONE? Indeed they did and it’s a memo I didn’t get it because perhaps you remember, I swore off Zara for this A/W. I have to say it’s saved me a lot of money and I got a tartan blazer from another brand, so you know, I’m doing okay. So here’s me in a green dress that fit like a glove and that’s my 4th coffee. I went on to have two more. I have a problem. I know.

what i’m wearing: primark black trench jacket, primark one-sleeve green
pleather dress, primark python court heels & primark charm embellished clutch bag


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