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Monday, January 18, 2016



I have so much to say, and instead of typing it here, I have been jotting it all down in the journal I promised I keep for 2016. I will transfer over some of my thoughts there, here, I promise. But, funny how when I really, really have something to say, I go quiet. I feel like words are falling short, which I would never otherwise claim, letters and their power together is a passion of mine, as you know. But recently, they feel small and not sufficient. As for life updates? I suppose I have few. Such as my first ever VLOG, which I am trying so hard to get up on youtube. Filming my everyday life so far has taught me some things; primarily, that my everyday life isn’t interesting at all. But also, that I am a huge weirdo with a life lacking plot and routine. And my American accent carries itself heavy and too loud in video format. But oh well, I long ago vowed for everything I produce online to reflect me authentically, so I won’t apologize for all these lessons learnt. What else? I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee, as usual. Buying shoes and books online, as usual. Dripping on the treadmill, clocking my kilometres smugly like a savings account, as usual. I have been collecting facials and pedicures and beauty salon appointments like a princess, not a usual in my life but a lovely thing to have the time and money for. I’ve been dancing with Biba to this song in my apartment, where I am spending less time because I met a man I like enough to spend almost the entire weekend with. Yes, can you believe that? No second date dodging, no vague male-aimed instagram rants, no eye rolls when a text beeps on my phone. I actually text him back every time. I don’t shift in discomfort when he tries to hold my hand. And, we’ve been on enough dates for me to probably safely assume he isn’t a horrible person. Not the most romantic line I know, but we women tend to sweep ourselves into people like wind. I believe in playing it safe, my feet are firmly on the floor and I keep the wind in my heart down to a  barely there breeze. Usually this tactic is quite easy because most of the men I meet irritate me. But he’s not irritating at all, with the exception of the fact he’s a very handsome distraction, yes that is irritating, in a small wonderful way, I guess. We will see, and ofcourse I’ll keep you updated. I always do. While my life might not be interesting, I have no idea what I would do with my days if I couldn’t share it all with you. And while my interest in men is a mild breeze, my adoration for you is indeed a crazy wind. It always has been. I am always here, virtually, digitally, cyber-holding your hand. Always. And if you texted me? I would always text you back. I wouldn’t even wait to make it seem like I was ‘busier’ and ‘cooler’ than I was. Like I said babe, me and you? We are a wild wind.


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